The audition was in September, and it was for a nurse.  I’ve played many in my time.  My mother went through all the hassle of earning a nursing degree and still works full-time in the same operating room she began in more than 30 years ago (the name of the place has changed many times […]

Nametag Roles

In my living room, I have a dish filled with name badges from many of the roles I’ve played over the years.  I’m not always able to talk the props department out of parting with them or there would be more.  (I don’t, for instance, have the nice gold metal one I wore to play […]

What’s New?

It takes awhile to work up the courage to commit murder. The first moment I stepped on stage in front of an audience in school, I knew I was an actress.  But I didn’t focus on it as a fulltime career for another twenty years.  Now, I’m an established character actress with a solid resume […]



Now Playing in LA:  “Finding Neo” an evening of one-acts, including 2 directed by WW – see theatreneo.com for details