What’s New?

It takes awhile to work up the courage to commit murder.

The first moment I stepped on stage in front of an audience in school, I knew I was an actress.  But I didn’t focus on it as a fulltime career for another twenty years.  Now, I’m an established character actress with a solid resume and a large body of work that includes recurring roles on five TV shows, appearances on at least 40 others, work with major film directors (including Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg), and more theatre experience than even my mother can remember.

The first moment I put words on paper, I knew I was a writer.  I honed my ability by writing grant applications, advertising copy, radio plays for students, research papers on every subject imaginable, monologues to perform, study guides for teachers, and anything else that paid or helped get things done.

Recently, I’ve returned to writing just for the fun of it.  Most is set in the world I know–the entertainment industry–and most of it has involved murder.  (Call it “working out issues” if you like.)  I just completed HOW I WONDER WHO YOU ARE, an 83,900-word murder mystery that takes place behind the scenes on a movie set.